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With EAF(Electric Arc Furnace), LF(Ladle Furnace), VD (Vacuum Degassing Furnace), VODC (Vacuum Oxygen-Argon Decarburization Converter), the company is capable to produce round ingots, square ingots and plum ingots with low S, low P, low H, low O and ultra-low C.

01  Smelting

Electric Arc Furnace

The company has 2 sets of electric arc furnaces, which can produce high-quality alloy steel with low P and S.

Refining Furnace and VD

  • Ladle Refining Furnace (LF Furnace):  1 set

  • Vacuum Degassing Furnace (VD):  1 set

  • Vacuum Oxygen-Argon Decarburization Converter (VODC): 1 set


  • Can produce round ingots, square ingots, and plum ingots.

Electric slag remelting (ESR)

The die steel supplier has gas-protected electric slag remelting furnace of 5t, 10t and 15t, which can produce products with smaller segregation, lower inclusion content and higher purity. It has the capacity to produce nearly 20,000 to 25,000 tons of 2~15t electro slag ingots per year.

02 Forging

With two press machines of 50MN and 1600 tons separately, more than 10 electro-hydraulic hammers and steam (air) hammers of 5t~0.75kg, the company has the ability to produce 100,000 tons of high-quality die steel and various forgings annually.

50MN fast forging hydraulic machine

1600t 2-column Pull-down Quick-Forging press

5t Bridge-type Electro-hydraulic Hammer

03 heat treatment

We possess 2 sets of QT(quenching and tempering) heat treatment system, dozens sets of all kinds of annealing furnaces, normalizing furnaces, quenching furnaces and tempering furnaces as well as 40 sets of heavy-load processing equipment such as heavy-load lathe and deep-hole boring machines,Annual processing capacity is over 200,000t.

04 Finish Machining

  • Nearly 20 sets of heavy lathes: CW61160H×11m, CW6110H×13m, C61100×9m, C61125×5m, C61100×8m and C61100×11m, etc.

  • 1 set of “DZ106A×4m” deep-hole drilling and boring machine, many sets of milling machines and planing machines

  • Nearly 50 sets of sawing machines: G4 2120×1300, G4 280×1000 and G1 200×1300, etc.

steelmaking furnace 2
steelmaking furnace 3
refining furnae  vd
manufacturing process
heavy lathe 1
heat treatment furnace 2
heavy lathe 2
heat treatment 1
heat treatment 2
heat treatment 3
50mn fast forging hydraulic machine
1600t 2 column pull down quick forging press
deep hole drilling and boring machine
electric arc furnace
electric slag remelting
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