Analysis of the Basic Process and Advantages of Open Die Forging

What is open die forging?Open die forging is a method of processing forgings by using simple and versatile tools or directly applying external force to the billet between the upper and lower anvils of...

09 2023.05

Characteristics, Performance, and Applications of Hot Work Die Steel

Characteristics and applications of hot work die steelHot work die steel can be further divided into: die-casting die steel, hot forging die steel, and hot extrusion die steel. Ordinary hot work die s...

08 2023.29

How to Ensure the Quality of Die Forgings?

Choose large-scale forging process to obtain internal structure size and performance die forgings, so quality inspection must be carried out according to the technical requirements of die forgings. In...

08 2023.22

Unleashing the Power of Die Steel Products: Enhancing Performance in Manufacturing

In the realm of manufacturing, precision, durability, and efficiency are paramount. Die steel products, with their exceptional properties and versatility, play a crucial role in enhancing performance ...

08 2023.16

What Are Die Forgings?

Die forgings are objects forged using molds, and are used to produce forged components that require high precision and complexity.Characteristics of die forgingsThe characteristics of die forgings sho...

08 2023.15

Exploring the Versatility of Die Steel Products: Tools for Precision Manufacturing

In the world of precision manufacturing, the role of die steel products is paramount. These versatile tools play a vital role in shaping, forming, and cutting various materials with exceptional accura...

08 2023.09

What Are the Stages of Structural Changes in Die Forgings?

Sequence of structural changes in die forgingsDuring the forming process of large-scale die forgings, the softening process plays an important role in dynamic recovery, and the structure will also cha...

08 2023.08

Forging Process of Large Aerospace Models Made of Die Forgings

Die forgings using blanksLarge aerospace die forgings cannot use ingots directly. Usually, the ingots are forged to form uniformly structured round blanks.The main reasons areFirstly, the shape and si...

08 2023.01

Harnessing the Power of Hardness: Maximizing Efficiency with Hot Die Steel

Hot die steel plays a vital role in various industrial applications, particularly in tooling and manufacturing processes. Its unique properties, including hardness, strength, and heat resistance, make...

07 2023.31

What Factors Affect the Lifespan of Cold Work Die Steel?

Die tool steel used in the stamping process requires high hardness, wear resistance, and a certain toughness. Cold work die steel can meet the needs of the public very well. Therefore, a large number ...

07 2023.25
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