3Cr2W8V Steel

3Cr2W8V is a kind of steel that contains more chromium and tungsten elements which are easy to form carbides.

12 2020.07

9CrWMn Steel

Low alloy cold work die steel, applied standard: GB/T 1299-1985. Its performance and use are close to that of CrWMn.

12 2020.03

3Cr17Mo Steel

3Cr17Mo is stainless, corrosion-resistant steel, with martensitic microstructure. The hardness of the annealed material after quenching and tempering can reach HRC46~48.

11 2020.28

4Cr5MoSiV1 Steel

As H13 air-quench-hardening hot work die steel imported from the United States, 4Cr5MoSiV1 is representative steel grade with a wide range of uses in hot work die steel. Its properties and uses are basically the same as that of 4Cr5MoSiV steel. The applied standard is GB/T1299-2000.

11 2020.21

4Cr5MoSiV Steel

4Cr5MoSiV is air-quenching hardening hot work die steel, which is H11 steel imported from the United States. Its performance and service life are higher than that of 3Cr2W8V steel.

11 2020.11

2Cr13 Steel

It is martensitic stainless steel with magnetic properties, corresponding to Japanese steel grade SUS420JI, to German grade X20Cr13/1.4021, and to American grade 420.

11 2020.08

3Cr2Mo Steel

3Cr2Mo is a steel grade converted from P20 of AISI specification in the United States, and the only plastic mold steel formally included in the standard GB/T 1299-85 (Technical Conditions for Alloy Tool Steels). It is universal pre-hardened plastic mold steel, widely used in various countries. Mechanical processing can be made after quenching and tempering.

11 2020.05

P20 Steel

P20 steel is the plastic die steel of medium-carbon Cr-Mo series imported from the United States. The steel has good machinability and mirror grinding performance, is suitable to make plastic molds, and mold materials for die-casting low-melting-point metal.

10 2020.30
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