What Problems Will Occur in the Use of Common Die Tool Steel?

I don't know if you have ever used die tool steel. We should have used it a lot in the daily life. Here we will also give you a proper introduction. We also introduce you to the problems encounter...

11 2021.17

What Are the Properties of Cold Work Die Steel when Used?

With the development trend of industrial production, many products are slowly coming out, using various shapes and carrying out production and manufacturing in different conditions. Cold work die stee...

11 2021.03

CrWMn Steel

CrWMn is the most commonly used high-carbon alloy tool steel to make molds. As improved type of 9CrWMn die steel, CrWMn is known as'non-deformable steel' and has a long history of application and widely use in China.

04 2021.30

S136 Steel

As a steel grade of ASSAB, S136 is plastic mold steel with excellent corrosion resistance. It has very good production characteristics and the following advantages: lower maintenance costs, lower production costs, corrosion resistance, strain resistance, wear resistance and high-gloss surface.

04 2021.28

ASSAB 718 Steel

As pre-hardened mirror acid-proof plastic mold steel, 718 steel is the typical steel grade of the general-purpose plastic mold steel most widely used, with simple processing technology, moderate price and large need. It is often referred to as advanced plastic mold steel, and newly developed steel grades often use it as a typical comparison.

04 2021.25

Cr8Mo2VSi Steel

Cr8Mo2VSi is a new type of cold work die steel and martensitic steel with a small amount of excess primary carbides. It is developed on the basis of general-purpose cold work die steel D2 (Cr12Mo1V1) in order to improve the toughness of the steel and make the comprehensive properties of the material better. It increases the content of Mo and can obtain higher hardness and toughness than SKD11 after high temperature tempering.

04 2021.20

S55C Steel

As Japanese steel grade, S55C belongs to high-grade high-quality medium carbon steel and is equivalent to China's high-quality carbon structural steel #5. It is fully killed steel manufactured by steelmaking methods of electric furnace, open-hearth furnace or pure oxygen converter, and has excellent workability and uniform metallographic structure.

04 2021.15

NAK80 Steel

As the patented steel of Daido Steel Co., Ltd. in Japan, NAK80 is pre-hardened plastic mold steel, with its delivery hardness reaching HRC 37-43.

04 2021.14

Cr12Mo1V1 Steel

Cr12Mo1V1 is high carbon and high chromium cold work die steel widely used in the world. It belongs to ledeburite steel.

04 2021.10

Cr5Mo1V Steel

Cr5Mo1V is high-carbon, medium-chromium, micro-deformed air-quenching die steel and alloy tool steel. It is imported A2 steel from the United States, and is the most widely used air-hardening steel in Class A.

03 2021.30
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