Forged Steel Round Bar

Forged Round Steel Bar

Forged round steel bar is made in cylindrical shape, which can be shaped in direct forging or re-forging into structural parts, bearings and different kinds of components and so on. HS proudly presents a selection of high-quality round bars for sale, catering to diverse industrial applications with precision-engineered solutions. Crafted with excellence and manufactured to meet stringent quality standards, our forged steel round bar is designed to deliver superior performance, durability, and reliability.

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Main parameters of Forged Round Bar

Forged round bar diameter below 600mm

Common technical standards of Forged Round Bar

ASTM A29、ASTM A322、ISO683、EN10083、EN10084、EN10085、EN10250、SEW550、GB/T1591

Typical steel grades of Forged Round Bar

AISI(SAE)1018~1045   AISI(SAE)8620  AISI(SAE)8822(H)  AISI(SAE)4130   AISI(SAE)4140   AISI(SAE)4150  AISI(SAE)4340  AISI(SAE)4330   AISI(SAE)6150  SA350LF3  F91  S355J2G3  16Mn(D)  EH36  A105  A350LF2  Q345(B、C、D、E)  Q390(B、C、D、E)    Q460(B、C、D、E)  G20Cr2Ni4、GCr15SiMn、GCr18Mo, etc.

Applications of Forged Round Bar

Forged round bar are versatile products that play a vital role in various industrial applications. These products, such as forged steel round bars, are manufactured through direct forging or re-forging to produce high-quality components, structural parts, bearings, and other crucial equipment. The inherent strength and durability of forged round bar make them ideal for use in heavy-duty applications that require superior toughness, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. Manufacturers of forged steel round bars adhere to the highest quality standards to ensure the reliability and safety of the finished products. The customizable properties of forged round bar are an essential factor in their popularity in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and construction, where specific and tailored components are essential.

Forged Round Bar Process Highlights

The process of the forging round bar is a complex and intricate one that produces high-quality forged steel round bars. This technique involves applying heat and pressure to shape and transform the forged round bar stock into the required shape and size. The forging round bar process highlights the strength and durability of the product resulting from the forging process. Owners of forged steel round bars can be confident in their robustness, reliable performance, and longevity due to their superior mechanical properties. The forging process also creates an improved surface finish, which is both aesthetically pleasing and gives the product lower friction properties. The forged round bar is therefore an excellent choice for various industrial applications demanding the highest quality components, including critical components in construction, machinery, and equipment.

Forged Steel Round Bar Features

  • Exceptional Strength

Forged steel round bars are known for their exceptional strength, providing a reliable and robust material for applications where durability and load-bearing capabilities are essential.

  • Uniform Grain Structure

The forging process of the forged round bar imparts a uniform grain structure to the steel, enhancing its mechanical properties. This results in improved strength, toughness, and resistance to fatigue.

  • Increased Impact Resistance

The forging method enhances the impact resistance of steel round bars, making them suitable for applications that experience dynamic and heavy loading conditions.

  • Superior Metallurgical Soundness

Forging eliminates internal voids and porosity in the steel, ensuring superior metallurgical soundness. This results in a material with high integrity and reduced risk of defects.

  • Enhanced Fatigue Resistance

The controlled and refined grain structure obtained through forging contributes to increased fatigue resistance, making the forged steel round bar suitable for cyclic loading applications.

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