1.2738 Material

HS 2738 Plastic Die Steel

HS 2738 is modified pre-hardened mirror plastic mold steel. Key technologies of alloy composition optimization and organization control ensure that the module has high hardness uniformity, excellent polishing performance and processing performance at the largest cross-sectional size. It is a new generation of super-large cross-section pre-hardened plastic mold steel.

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Chemical properties of HS 2738

Steel Grade









HS 2738









1.2738 Steel Equivalment Properties

1.2738 is a versatile plastic mold steel known for its favorable properties, making it a popular choice in the manufacturing of injection molds and tooling components. Here are some key properties associated with 1.2738 material steel:

  • Excellent Machinability

HS 2738, the 1.2738 steel equivalent, exhibits excellent machinability, allowing for precise shaping and finishing during the manufacturing process. This property contributes to efficient production and toolmaking.

  • High Hardness and Wear Resistance:

With a high hardness level, 1.2738 equivalent offers excellent wear resistance. This property is crucial for maintaining the longevity and durability of plastic molds subjected to repetitive use and abrasive materials.

  • Good Polishability:

The 1.2738 material's good polishability facilitates the creation of smooth and high-quality surfaces on molded products. This is especially important in applications where the appearance of the final product is critical.

  • Uniform Hardness Distribution:

1.2738 steel is known for its ability to maintain a uniform hardness distribution throughout the material. This uniformity of HS 2738 steel enhances the overall performance and consistency of the molds produced from this material.

Application of HS 2738

  • Plastic molds of compression and injection.

  • Dies of Car bumpers, dashboards, TV cabinets, washing machine drums, etc.

Features of HS 2738

  • Good welding performance of hardened modules.

  • Good polishing property of plastic mold steel (high hardness uniformity, section hardness fluctuation ≤ 3HRC).

  • Excellent processing performance.

  • Max. thickness reaches 1200mm and the finished module weighs 35MT.

  • Application hardness: 32~38HRC.

Why Choose HS 2738 Plastic Die Steel

Choosing HS 2738 Plastic Die Steel is a prudent decision driven by a combination of superior properties, a well-balanced 1.2738 chemical composition, and its recognized equivalence in the industry. Here are compelling reasons to opt for HS 2738, considering its 1.2738 chemical composition, steel properties, and international equivalence:

  • Optimal 1.2738 Chemical Composition

HS 2738 boasts an optimal 1.2738 chemical composition, meticulously crafted to include elements such as chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. This composition contributes to the material's outstanding properties, including high hardness, wear resistance, and durability.

  • Proven Steel Properties for Exceptional Performance

The steel properties of HS 2738 are a testament to its exceptional performance in molding applications. With high hardness, superior wear resistance, and excellent machinability, it stands out as a reliable choice for demanding manufacturing environments.

  • Global Recognition and Equivalence

HS 2738 holds international recognition, evident in its equivalence to other industry standards. Known as 1.2738 steel equivalent, it aligns with counterparts like P20+Ni and 718, reflecting its standardized quality and acceptance in diverse applications worldwide.

  • Versatility Across Molding Processes

HS 2738, with its well-defined steel properties and chemical composition, exhibits versatility across various molding processes. Whether employed in injection molding, extrusion, or compression molding, it adapts seamlessly to different manufacturing requirements.

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