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The company and the " Research Group of Advanced Die Steel and Surface Treatment " of Shanghai University have devoted more than ten years in deep and meticulous research, development and trial production of alloy optimization of die steel, material modification treatment, hot casting and forging processing, solid solution and ultra-fine processing, metallographic structure control, heat treatment and mould surface treatment, forming a strategic partnership of production, education and research. The company cooperates closely with associations of metallurgy, forging, heat treatment, mould manufacturing, universities and research institutes. The company not only replaced the imported die steel with domestic steel, but also has some of its products reached or exceeded the international advanced level. The Research and Development department established by the company and partner units recruited more than 60 professors, associate professors, post-doctors, doctors, masters and full-time engineers. They not only provide to customers with high-quality die steel, but also comprehensive consulting and after-sales service such as moulds design and development, advanced mould heat treatment technology and mould surface treatment technology.

HS R&D with Shanghai University

Professor Wu Xiaochun of Shanghai University gave a lecture on "Current Status and Development Trend of Tool and Die Steel Research at Home and Abroad", in our factory’s press conference for the launch of new production line of high-end die steel.

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