NAK80 Steel

As the patented steel of Daido Steel Co., Ltd. in Japan, NAK80 is pre-hardened plastic mold steel, with its delivery hardness reaching HRC 37-43.

04 2021.14

Cr12Mo1V1 Steel

Cr12Mo1V1 is high carbon and high chromium cold work die steel widely used in the world. It belongs to ledeburite steel.

04 2021.10

Cr5Mo1V Steel

Cr5Mo1V is high-carbon, medium-chromium, micro-deformed air-quenching die steel and alloy tool steel. It is imported A2 steel from the United States, and is the most widely used air-hardening steel in Class A.

03 2021.30

1.2311 Steel

1.2311 steel, German plastic mold steel. the steel is produced through the 'ultra-pure' process, and the metallographic structure is martensite and bainite.

03 2021.03

5CrMnMo Steel

5CrMnMo is developed by adding three elements of Cr, Mn and Mo on the basis of medium carbon steel. Except for slightly worse hardenability and thermal fatigue resistance, 5CrMnMo steel has similar properties to 5CrNiMo steel.

02 2021.25

Cr12Mo1V Steel

Cr12Mo1V is one of the representative steel grades of high carbon and high chromium cold work die steel. It belongs to ledeburite steel.

02 2021.05

9Mn2V Steel

As low-alloy tool steel with better comprehensive mechanical properties than carbon tool steels, 9Mn2V is the only economical type steel that does not contain Ni and Cr elements in alloy tool steels. It has a long history of application in China and rich experience has been accumulated.

01 2021.16

1.2316 Steel

It is DIN standard mold steel, which belongs to martensitic stainless steel for plastic mold.

01 2021.09

H11 Steel

As air-cooled hardening hot work die steel from the United States, H11 steel is one of the three most commonly used hot work die steels in the European die casting industry. The mold life of the steel can be 1.5 to 3 times of that of 5CrNiMo steel.

01 2021.03

5CrNiMo Steel

5CrNiMo is a hot work die steel. Except its hardenability and thermal fatigue resistance are slightly worse, the steel has similar properties to H13 steel.

12 2020.28
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