What Are the Precautions for Die Steel Nitriding?

In order to ensure the quality of die steel, we must strictly implement the nitriding process, analyze the causes of defects in die steel nitriding, and take corresponding measures to improve die nitr...

11 2022.10

What Are the Requirements for Die Steel Dimensions and Manufacturing Tolerances?

Paying attention to the reasonable tolerance and size requirements of mold steel materials can bring convenience to mold making, improve economic efficiency, and reduce waste during manufacturing. No ...

10 2022.18

What Are the Functional Requirements of Hot Work Die Steel According to Different Types?

Hot work molds are mainly used for hot deformation processing and pressure casting molds. They are widely used in the industry and have very high requirements. Hot work die steel includes hammer forgi...

10 2022.11

In-service Standard for Hot Work Die Steel

Hot work die steel includes three types: hammer forging die, cold extrusion die and die casting die. The main feature of hot work die work is contact with hot metal materials, which is the key differe...

08 2022.16

Factors Affecting the Life of Die Steel and How to Identify?

What factors determine the life of die steel? Maybe many people don't know much about such products, so HS will simply give you an analysis. We hope that after the analysis of this article, everyo...

08 2022.09

Evaluation of Metallurgical Quality of Die Steel

In the manufacturing process of the mold, the service life of the mold and the precision, quality and surface properties of the mold are not only related to the design, manufacturing accuracy, machine...

07 2022.15

What Are the Different Types of Die Steel Used For?

The application fields of molds are very wide, and the operating conditions of various molds are very different. Therefore, the standards for raw materials used in the production of molds are very wid...

07 2022.08

What Are the Common Uses and Properties of Cold W ork Die Steel?

Ⅰ. What are the common uses of cold work die steel?Cold work die steel is a product that is used more in production now, and the process effect is also different according to different processing.1. ...

06 2022.08

What Are the Problems That Will Occur in the Processing of Hot Work Die Steel?

As a processed mold product, this type of product has a very good effect in use, but we should also find in the production that there will be some problems in the processing of hot work mold steel. Ho...

06 2022.01

Does the Heating Rate of Hot Work Die Steel Need to be Controlled?

Hot work molds are mainly used for high temperature pressing molds, and their functions are also very extensive in the industry. Due to the cold work hardening of high manganese steel and cutting is d...

05 2022.20
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