What Are the Common Uses and Properties of Cold W ork Die Steel?

Ⅰ. What are the common uses of cold work die steel?

Cold work die steel is a product that is used more in production now, and the process effect is also different according to different processing.

1. Heavy blanking dies, cold extrusion dies, deep drawing dies, thread rolling dies, scissors, cold heading dies, clay dies, etc.

2. Sheet stamping dies, jewelry embossing dies, etc., small stamping dies with thickness less than 6mm, paper cutters, knives, etc.

3. Dies, punches, forming dies, ejector rods for thread rolling plates and small plastic stamping dies, etc.

4. It can be used for drawing dies and punching dies, blanking dies, punches, thread rolling plates, stamping die ejectors, etc. that require high wear resistance and simple shapes under small dynamic load conditions.

5. It can be applied to large insert molds and stamping thicknesses that require small heat treatment deformation and local quenching by flame heating, large stamping molds for steel plates of ≤7mm, shear blanking molds, paper cutters, clay molds and rolls, etc.

6. It is suitable for cold heading, cold stamping and other working dies that require strong toughness and high impact load, especially suitable for cold heading dies for standard parts and steel balls and punching and punching for automobile spring steel plates.

Ⅱ. What are the properties that should be satisfied in the production of cold work die steel?

1. High hardness and high wear resistance, maintain a sharp edge when working.

2. Cold work die steel has high strength, toughness and certain hot hardness, and the blade is not easy to crack or collapse during work.

3. Better hardenability, to ensure that the quenched state has a higher hardness and a certain depth of hardening.

4. Cold work die steel has good processability and formability, good quenching safety, small heat treatment deformation, and is not easy to quench and crack on complex sections.

The choice of cold work die steel material should consider the balance of advantages and constraints. Cold work die steel manufacturers suggest that the performance of the material should be considered according to the working conditions and failure modes of the mold, and the process performance of the material should be considered according to the equipment of the factory. demand and response, and comprehensively consider non-technical factors such as cold work die steel prices.

These aspects are related to the characteristics of cold work die steel performance requirements. We should understand it after we have introduced it to you! If you need to buy die steel, hot work die steel, cold work die steel, high-speed steel, you can take a look here.

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