What Are the Common Uses and Properties of Cold W ork Die Steel?

Ⅰ. What are the common uses of cold work die steel?Cold work die steel is a product that is used more in production now, and the process effect is also different according to different processing.1. ...

06 2022.08

What Are the Problems That Will Occur in the Processing of Hot Work Die Steel?

As a processed mold product, this type of product has a very good effect in use, but we should also find in the production that there will be some problems in the processing of hot work mold steel. Ho...

06 2022.01

Does the Heating Rate of Hot Work Die Steel Need to be Controlled?

Hot work molds are mainly used for high temperature pressing molds, and their functions are also very extensive in the industry. Due to the cold work hardening of high manganese steel and cutting is d...

05 2022.20

Factors Affecting Thermal Fatigue Resistance of Hot Work Die Steel and Heat Treatment Process

The working characteristics of hot work die steel are not continuous. Each time the metal material is formed in the heat treatment process, it is necessary to cool the surface of the cavity with water...

05 2022.06

What Are the Basic Properties of Hot Work Die Steel?

As a widely used product, hot work die steel should be seen often in our life. But What do you know how to tell whether this type of die steel is good or bad? In fact, we can understand it through its...

04 2022.19

Composition Characteristics and Classification of Hot Work Die Steel

Many products are now made without molds. A mold is a tool for making a shaped article, and the processing of the article is realized by changing the physical form of the material. Different molds con...

04 2022.05

What Are the Performance Requirements of Hot Work Die Steel?

When using hot work die steel products, there are many requirements for product use that everyone must pay attention to. Hot work die is mainly used for thermal deformation production and processing a...

03 2022.16

What Are the Requirements for Die Steel to Meet Working Conditions?

With the development of industry, many production technologies have become simple and rapid. Die steel is the steel used to make dies such as cold punching dies, hot forging dies, and die casting dies...

03 2022.02

Process and Performance Requirements of Cold Work Die Steel

While cold-formed die steel is working, due to the large deformation force of the processed material, the working part of the cold work die steel bears large pressure, bending force, impact force and ...

02 2022.21

The Uses of Different Die Steels

Different die steels have different uses, so it is necessary to understand their related uses. Here we can give you some related content introductions. If you want to know more about it, you can read ...

02 2022.07
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