Factors Affecting the Life of Die Steel and How to Identify?

What factors determine the life of die steel? Maybe many people don't know much about such products, so HS will simply give you an analysis. We hope that after the analysis of this article, everyone will have a certain understanding of the service life of mold materials!

Ⅰ. What factors affect the life of die steel?

1. Surface treatment of die steel

The surface treatment of the die steel is also important. Nitriding can improve the surface hardness of the die steel and prolong the life of the die; electroplating can modify the die steel. For some plastic parts that require high brightness and corrosion resistance, electroplating can be used to enhance and change the performance of the die steel.

2. Structural design of die steel

Mature mold steel structure should not only consider product material properties, shrinkage rate, molding temperature, elastic tensile deformation coefficient, but also cooling water path, opening and closing speed, etc. Reasonable mold steel structure can prolong the life of the mold and ensure the smooth production of the mold. Improve efficiency and reduce costs.

3. Performance and quality of die steel

The decisive factor for the quality of the steel, it is important to choose the appropriate die steel. For example, if the injection molding material is different, the corresponding mold steel material will also be different, such as high requirements for polishing and corrosion resistance; it can be selected according to the situation. This is an important factor in determining the life of plastic molds.

The life of die steel is mainly affected by these three factors. After introducing the relevant knowledge points here, you should understand it better.

Ⅱ. How to identify the authenticity of die steel?

1. Identify real and fake prices

If the normal market selling price is used as the basis for judgment, it is obviously lower than the market price and there is no special reason, it is possibly fake steel.

2. Identify true and false by chemical composition

According to formal or industry standards, check the chemical composition of steel to judge the authenticity.

3. Metallographic inspection to identify true and false

According to formal or industry standards, physical inspection of the microscopic metallography of steel is carried out to judge whether it is true or false.

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