Selection of Material for Cold Work Die Steel

The use of cold work die steel

Due to the working conditions of cold work molds being mostly at room temperature, the material should have high plastic deformation resistance, the mold has greater working stress, and the working conditions are harsh. Overall, this type of mold requires high hardness, wear resistance, sufficient strength, and appropriate toughness.

Therefore, cold work die steel is usually composed mainly of high carbon content to meet the demands of high hardness and wear resistance. If the mold's impact resistance needs to be improved by increasing toughness, medium carbon steel can be used, at which time hot work mold steel can be used as a substitute.

When adding alloying elements to cold work die steel, it is mainly to improve hardenability and wear resistance. For molds that require high wear resistance, multi-element alloy steels with added carbide-forming elements such as Cr, Mo, W, V, etc. are often used.

From the perspective of steel types, cold work die steel is mostly composed of hypoeutectoid steel and martensitic steel, generally belonging to the category of tool steel.

The selection of cold work die steel materials

According to the performance requirements and shape and size of cold work die steel, there are several options for material selection:

  • The working force is not large, the shape is simple, the size is small mold, available carbon tool steel manufacturing.

  • The working force is general, the shape is complex or the size is bigger, available low alloy tool steel (such as 9Mn2V, 9SiCr, 9CrWMl3, CrWMn, Cr2, etc.) manufacturing.

  • Work under high force, requiring high wear resistance, high hardenability, small deformation, complex shape of the mold, more high-carbon high chromium steel (Crl2, Crl 2MoV, etc.) manufacturing. And the development of several Crl2 steel substitute steel (such as Cr6WV, Cr4W2MoV, Cr2Mn2SiWMoV, etc.), in addition, can also choose high-speed steel, low-carbon high-speed steel (6W6M05Cr4V, etc.) and base steel (chemical composition equivalent to the normal quenching of high-speed steel base composition of steel) to manufacture this type of mold.

  • In the impact conditions work, the edge of the single thin die, the use of good toughness of the medium carbon alloy tool steel (such as 4CrW2Si, 6CrW2Si, etc.) manufacturing.

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