How to Ensure the Quality of Die Forgings?

Choose large-scale forging process to obtain internal structure size and performance die forgings, so quality inspection must be carried out according to the technical requirements of die forgings. In fact, the quality inspection of die forgings not only represents pre-delivery inspection to continuously improve the production process and improve the company's production level. The quality inspection of large-scale die forgings includes two parts: appearance quality inspection and internal quality inspection, each of which contains a large number of inspection elements.

It is the inspection of the chemical composition of die forgings

Usually based on the sampling before the furnace during smelting process, and can be verified by chemical composition or chemical understanding. The second is to check the size and shape of die forgings, which is visually more commonly used method because there are burn surface and other defects on the surface of die forgings. However, the surface of die forgings has deep hidden defects, which can usually only be observed after heat treatment and cleaning. When size inspection is required, large-scale molds of die forgings require special travel and samples.

The inspection instrument controlled and understood by computer can be used, or the optical comparator or optical projector can be used for size inspection to ensure the accuracy of inspection results. At the same time, the mechanical properties of die forgings are tested. According to the characteristics of the mechanical properties of die forgings, progress has been made in finding the advantages and disadvantages of the mechanical properties of die forgings now. After the workpiece is molded and heat treated, there will be a large residual stress inside.

Advantages of using die forgings

Today, during the machining process, residual stress will gradually be released, which will cause the workpiece to deform and become unqualified. Aluminum alloy die forgings can reduce future residual stress. By understanding the relationship between the shape of cutting mold edge and the billet bridge of die forgings through the trimming process and positioning requirements of die forgings, it has been proven in practice that in the cooling process of heat treatment, most of the thermal stress and structure stress are effectively controlled by tempering the edge band's cracks.

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