What Are Die Forgings?

Die forgings are objects forged using molds, and are used to produce forged components that require high precision and complexity.

Characteristics of die forgings

The characteristics of die forgings should be discussed in relation to free forging. Free forging basically does not require molds and can only forge simple objects such as shafts and rings. In contrast, die forgings can forge many structurally complex products and can control the size of the product, reducing machining time.

Die forgings are divided into mold surfaces

The mold surface is the boundary between the upper and lower molds of the forging die on the die forging. When designing die forgings, the mold surface must be determined first, and the following issues should be considered:

  • Ensure that the die forging can be freely taken out of the groove along the direction of the hammer blow.

  • The position of the mold should make the depth of the groove small and the width large, because shallow and wide grooves are filled by upsetting, while narrow and deep grooves are filled by pressing, and the metal filling in the latter is more difficult and the groove wear is relatively larger.

  • The mold surface should be symmetrical as much as possible. The shapes of the upper and lower molds should be the same to avoid the selection of the mold surface on the end face, which facilitates the timely detection of misalignment.

  • In order to simplify mold manufacturing, the mold surface should be made into a plane as much as possible instead of a curved surface, but sometimes the mold surface of the second type of die forging must be a curved surface.

  • The more complex parts of the die forging should be arranged in the upper mold because the metal in the upper mold is easy to fill the groove. The above factors should be considered comprehensively to achieve a correct and reasonable selection of the mold surface position.

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