5CrNiMo Steel

5CrNiMo is a hot work die steel. Except for its hardenability and thermal fatigue resistance are slightly worse, the steel can be roughly seen as an H13 equivalent material.

5CrNiMo Steel Chemical Properties


*  residual content allowed

5CrNiMo Steel Features

  • The 5CrNiMo steel has good toughness, strength and high wear resistance.

  • The mechanical properties of these hot work die steels are almost the same at room temperature and 500~600℃.

  • When heated to 500℃, 5CrNiMo steel can still maintain the hardness of HB300.

  • The 5CrNiMo steel is not sensitive to temper brittleness because of molybdenum content.

  • After slowly cooling down from 600°C, its impact toughness is only slightly reduced.

5CrNiMo Steel Application

  • This 5CrNiMo steel is suitable for making various types of forging dies that require high strength and wear resistance. When higher toughness is required, electroslag remelted steel can be applied.

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