Classification and Application of Die Steel

Mold products are widely used in life. But you know what? In fact, there are many classifications of mold steel, how should it be divided? When using die steel, have you ever understood its use?

Ⅰ. Classification of the die steel

1. Hot work mold

Hot work die steel is mainly used to manufacture dies that press-work workpieces at high temperature. Such as: hot forging dies, hot extrusion dies, die casting dies, hot upsetting dies, etc.

Commonly used hot work die steels are: alloy die steels with medium and high carbon content added with alloying elements such as Cr, W, Mo, V; for hot work die steels with special requirements, high-alloy austenitic heat-resistant die steels are sometimes used. .

2. Cold work mold

Cold work die steel is mainly used to manufacture dies that press and form workpieces in a cold state. Such as: cold blanking dies, cold stamping dies, cold drawing dies, embossing dies, cold extrusion dies, thread pressing dies and powder pressing dies, etc.

The range of cold work die steel is very wide, from various carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, high speed tool steel to powder high speed tool steel and powder high alloy tool steel. Cold work die steel is vacuum degassed and refined steel, with pure inner quality, good machinability, significantly improved cutting, good hardenability, air-cooled hardening is not easy to cause quenching cracks, excellent wear resistance, good toughness, usable For stainless steel and high hardness material blanking die.

3. Plastic mold

There are many kinds of plastics, and the requirements of plastic products are very different, and various performance requirements are also put forward for the materials for making plastic molds. Therefore, many industrially developed countries have formed a wide range of steel series for plastic molds.

There are carbon structural steel, carburized plastic mold steel, pre-hardened plastic mold steel, age-hardening plastic mold steel, corrosion-resistant plastic mold steel, free-cutting plastic mold steel, overall hardened plastic mold steel, martensite Aging steel and plastic mold steel for mirror polishing, etc.

Ⅱ. What are the uses of various die steels?

1. The use of plastic mold steel

Plastic mold steel is mainly used for plastic forming molds. Such as: plastic molds, blow molds, injection molds, high pressure injection molds, low pressure injection molds, etc.

Other aspects: Plastic mold steel requires tough and wear-resistant mechanical parts, mechanical shafts, and parts that require anti-rust.

2. The use of hot work die steel

Hot work die steels are mainly used to manufacture dies for hot forming of metals in a high temperature state. Such as hot forging dies, hot extrusion dies, die casting dies, hot shear dies, etc.

Other uses: occasions requiring wear resistance and toughness. Such as: wear-resistant long-life plastic molds, sliders, rolls, parts that require high temperature work, and mechanical shafts.

3. Introduction to the use of cold work die steel

Cold work die steel is mainly used to make dies that are press-formed at room temperature. Such as cold stamping dies, cold drawing dies, cold pier dies, cold extrusion dies, embossing dies, rolling dies, etc.

Other uses: wear-resistant parts such as sliders, gauge blocks, gauges, and mechanical wear-resistant parts.

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