Process and Performance Requirements of Cold Work Die Steel

While cold-formed die steel is working, due to the large deformation force of the processed material, the working part of the cold work die steel bears large pressure, bending force, impact force and friction force. Therefore, the normal reason for scrapping of cold work die steel is usually wear. There are also cases of premature failure due to fracture, collapse force and abnormal deformation.

The process performance of cold-formed die steel is directly related to the production cycle and production cost of the die. The technical performance requirements of the cold work die steel mainly include three aspects: forging process, cutting process and heat treatment process. Next, This article will introduce the process performance requirements of the cold work die steel. Hope to be helpful!

Ⅰ. Forging manufacturability of the cold work die steel

1. Forging not only reduces the machining allowance of die materials and saves steel, but also improves the internal defects of die materials, such as carbide segregation, reducing harmful impurities, and improving the microstructure of the cold work die steel.

2. In order to obtain good forging quality, the requirements for forgeability are low hot forging deformation resistance, good plasticity, wide forging temperature range, and small tendency for forging cracking, cold cracking and precipitation of network carbides.

Ⅱ. Cutting technology of the cold work die steel

The wear is small and the surface of the die is smooth after processing. The cold work die steel mainly belongs to hypereutectoid steel and ledeburite steel, most of which are difficult to cut. In order to obtain good machinability, correct heat treatment is required. For dies with high surface quality requirements, free-cutting die steels containing S, Ca and other elements can be used.

Ⅲ. Heat treatment process of the cold work die steel

Mainly include: hardenability, hardenability, tempering resistance, overheating sensitivity, oxidative decarburization tendency, quenching deformation and cracking tendency.

The cold work die steel is mainly used to manufacture molds for pressing workpieces in a cold state (room temperature) such as cold stamping dies, cold drawing dies, cold extrusion dies, etc.

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