What Are the Performance Requirements of Hot Work Die Steel?

When using hot work die steel products, there are many requirements for product use that everyone must pay attention to. Hot work die is mainly used for thermal deformation production and processing and aluminum die casting. During work, the hot work die will suffer great harm. After the die core touches the high-temperature metal material, the temperature of the die itself reaches 300°C to 400°C, and some temperatures can reach 500°C to 700°C. Here we also give you some relevant introductions, let's take a look together!

1. Cold extrusion die for hot work die steel

The relativity of working standards of cold extrusion dies is low, and they also bear the shrinking and bending forces. They also bear certain tensile stress and impact load during the ejection period. The contact time between the die and the hot work die steel is longer, so the heating temperature is higher than that of the hammer. The temperature of the forging die is high.

The characteristics of the cold extrusion die used for die steel are: high heat resistance, high thermal and cold fatigue limit, high-temperature compressive strength, and sufficient ductility.

2. Hot punching die for hot work die steel

The hot punching die consists of a trimming die and a punching needle. The trimming die has no drilling edge in the whole process of trimming and only has the function of transmitting force. Ineffective ways are drill edge damage, cracking, and curling.

The characteristics of hot punching die for die steel are: high wear resistance, high toughness, and thermal strength. To prevent cracking, it should have a certain ductility. And it should have excellent machinability.

3. Hammer forging die for hot work die steel

Hammer forging dies to bear very largely working pressures and shock loads, and the shock frequency is very high. The surface layer of the die core is continuously heated by the high-temperature metal material so that the temperature of the die can be raised to 300°C to 400°C, and some temperatures can reach 500°C to 600°C.

The characteristics of hammer forging die for die steel are: high toughness and excellent ductility; excellent wear resistance and thermal and cold fatigue resistance; because the die size is large, it should have high cutting performance.

4. Aluminum die-casting die for hot work die steel

Ineffective ways of aluminum die casting dies include thermal fatigue cracks, thermal damage, and thermal erosion.

The characteristics of aluminum die casting dies for die steel are: high-temperature resistance and excellent high-temperature physical properties; excellent thermal and cold fatigue resistance and high heat transfer; high cutting performance. The strength of the die is 56-60HRC, and it is resistant to wear at high temperatures.

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